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ArtRage Studio Pro is Half Off Today, Wed, Nov 21st Mon, Nov 26th

At the ArtRage website:
ArtRage Studio Pro is available at $29.90 - 50% off, regularly $59.90 (Windows & Mac)
ArtRage Studio is available at $19.90 - over 30% off, regularly $29.90 (Windows & Mac)
At Steam, the popular gaming network,
ArtRage Studio Pro is available at $29.99 - 50% off (Windows only)
The ArtRage Tutorial DVD is available at $19.99 also 50% off (normally $39.99)

 These special sales are 5 days only thru November 26th 2012. 

ArtRage allows oil paints to smear and water colors to blend without the mess.  The creative experience with ArtRage is recognized as the most realistic simulation of natural media effects that is easy to learn. ArtRage also works great with multi-touch screens for Windows and all Wacom pen tablets like Cintique, Intuous and Bamboo.  In addition, Sony selected ArtRage as the creative software for its newly launched line of VAIO Windows 8 touch screen PCs. 

Learn to paint like the Masters: Warhol, Miro, Hokusai ( ArtRage on Sony VAIO Duo 11): 
ArtRage training video by Stephen Burns, published by popular Photoshop tutorial site PhotoshopCafe:  

Photos: Warhol Daisy recreated in ArtRage:
Miro Daybreak recreated in ArtRage:
Hokusai Great Wave recreated in ArtRage:

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