"Wagner's War" CD Review in
"Wagner's War" CD Review in NY POST
By Dan Aquilante, NY Post
"Wagner's War" CD
*** (Three Stars)
July 23, 2002 -- THE GREAT KAT
"Wagner's War"
TPR Music
The Great Kat, New York's hometown head-banging thrash goddess, continues to connect the dots between metal music and classical with her latest, "Wagner's War."
Inspired by the events of Sept. 11, Kat renders some of music's most famous, aggressive, battle-inspired pieces in shredding-speed metal arrangements that hiss and spit. It's a don't-tread-on-us song cycle that takes the listener from war to revenge and finally victory.
On her original piece, "War," Kat lets the enemy know just how she feels with a rocket-roll that slams you with lyrics like "Murder the muthers, slaughter the bastards, kill, kill kill." Don't mess with Kat if you don't want to get clawed.
This might be a tough one to find at your local record shack. It can be sampled and ordered directly at www.greatkat.com.

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