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Karen Thomas in "Who's Who in Public Relations," Long Island Business News
NCR Silver - 10 Blogs Small Business Owners Should Follow in 2017 by Dave Johnson: "Karen Thomas, president and CEO of Thomas Public Relations, is a big fan of the Harvard Business Review and said itís required reading for her staff. 'It provides a hard-core look into real-life examples of how to succeed in business'. -Karen Thomas"
Paul Lane, NBC Radio Los Angeles Interviews Karen Thomas, President, Thomas Public Relations on "Gadgets 2014"! "She's a great friend of mine. She sends me some great clients to interview when it comes to technology. We're talking about Karen Thomas. She is the president of Thomas PR, it's the #1 award-winning consumer electronics and technology PR firm." - said Paul Lane, NBC Radio,
"Thomas PR is a go-to PR agency for photo and consumer electronics companies, representing numerous ground-breaking technologies, from Lexar Media, Digital Foci, Unibind, Arcsoft, RocketLife and more, so I thought that she would be a good expert to talk to about PR tips for photo companies and photographers," said Elmo Sapwater, Imaging Insider
"Thomas PR has an over 15 year history of successful PR campaigns for international companies, and is well-known for quickly and efficiently achieving high-level press results for their clients. In addition, Thomas PR has won over 500 awards for clients," said Bulldog Reporter
"Of the many press releases and upcoming events e-mails I received prior to CES, yours was always professionally done and contained useful information for visiting various vendors while I was at the show," said Paige Eissinger,

"I really appreciate your firm. You have access to pictures for every release you send, an easy to navigate web site, and just all around great access for the press. Thank you,"
Sven Rafferty,
Karen Thomas, Thomas PR "Women in Business-PR Firm President Gets Technical," Business LI Magazine

"I have known Karen Thomas of Thomas PR for a long time and watched her catapult Olympus Camera from a ho-hum name in digital cameras five years ago to one of the major players in the field.  Similarly, she has worked with other clients to give them excellent exposure in the consumer and technology
Arthur Bleich, Features Editor, Digital Camera Magazine
"Thomas PR is one of the finest agencies in the business.  Their office always keeps us well-informed of their clients and we really enjoy working with them," John Lentz, NBC-TV
"How to choose a PR agency: Top questions to ask," By Karen Thomas, Showstoppers PR Tips Newsletter
Thomas PR Wins 5 Star Rating "Thomas Public Relations is the first PR firm to gain a formal endorsement by Positive Image News," Positive Image News
"Thomas PR clicks with Concord Camera," Long Island Business News.
"Thomas Public Relations Signs Octiv As Client,"
"Concord Camera selects new PR firm," Sean Gibson, NextGen Electronics.
"Industry News," ExpertPR Weblog from MediaMap.
"Thomas Public Relations Signs MAGIX Entertainment Corp As Client,"PR Soup in ExpertPR from MediaMap.
"When Karen Thomas calls me with a cool product, it's cool. She knows her stuff," Michael Sommer, Gadget Guy, WTLV/ABC-TV
"The Right PR Agency Can Make All the Difference" Karen Thomas, DSN Retailing Today.
"Karen [Thomas] proved to be the grande Dame of entertainment. With over 10 years of experience in public relations for computer companies, Ms. Thomas is behind the success of major product launches, such as the Olympus America's digital camera line winning over 60 awards in less than a year," Jacques Dussek, NTS News.
"Thomas makes Magix," Long Island Business News.
"Thomas Public Relations Signs MAGIX Entertainment Corp As Client," Music Industry News Network.
"Thomas PR gives great customer service to people reviewing products or needing help.  They really take care of the press in all ways possible.  We need more people taking care of PR for companies like Thomas PR," Roger Rohrs, Orion Research/Orion Blue Books
"Thomas PR Signs Preclick," Expert PR
"Thomas Public Relations clicks," Long Island Business News.
"Thomas Public Relations Signs Preclick," Newsday.
"Thomas PR pulls into Huntington Station," Long Island Business News.
"She's aggressive.  She brings results. That's what it's all about," Chris Sluka, Olympus America, Long Island Business News.
"Enter Karen Thomas, the persistent owner of a public relations firm in New York.
    Thomas urged me to submit a photo for restoration to her client, DigitalCustom's Image Edit & Art, to see the company's work," Sandra Brown Kelly, The Roanoke Times.
"Thomas PR is one of the finest agencies in the business.   Their office
always keeps us well-informed of their clients and we really enjoy working
with them,"
John Lentz, NBC-TV.
"Her press parties, notably the Thomas PR Annual Pool Party, held before the PC Expo computer trade show in New York, are legendary,"

"Bond over a barbecue. That's one way Thomas Public Relations builds better relationships with the media," PR Intelligence.

Dorit at a Reception at Thomas PR
Photo taken by Don Sutherland with the Olympus E-100 RS digital camera (Click to enlarge photo)
"If you know her (Dorit's) style of dancing, you know she moves fast. Yet as captured at a recent reception at Thomas PR (which handles Olympus), Dorit is essentially frozen."
"When it comes to getting things done, Thomas PR makes it as easy, as gracious, and as righteous as it's gonna get," Don Sutherland, Digital Camera Columnist, Editor, & Consultant.
"A company's success plays largely on how well the press is kept in the
loop.  Thomas PR does this plus goes the extra mile,"
Elmo Sapwater, Imaging Insider.

"Thomas PR has been the most helpful of all the camera manufacturers/PR
companies I've spoken to,"
Shawn King, "Your Digital Life," Mac Show Live
Radio Show.
Thomas PR is chosen as "Small Business of the Week"
by The Small Business of the Long Island Association.
Don Sutherland, Photo Trade News, June 2002
"ExpertPR From MediaMap"
Karen Thomas, Thomas Public Relations


You spend a lot of time preparing your press kit in the hopes that a writer will be impressed and cover your new product introductions at a trade show in a news piece/review or feature story, thus earning invaluable free publicity -- bottom line: more sales.

So you think you have a winning press kit. It’s expensive, painstakingly prepared, and beautiful: glossy, tied up with a fancy clasp and chock full of well-written press releases, slides, business cards and 5-color brochures. You follow trade show procedure and ship your press kits to the press room where they are displayed with hundreds of other companies’ kits.

This whole press kit process is time-consuming and costs a pretty penny. You’re really proud of your work. But, despite all your effort, you don’t even get one product mention in any magazine.

What went wrong?

You have to understand that, number one: writers are the busiest, hardest working people around. They have to churn out volumes of copy in very short periods of time – especially during trade shows where they work the show during the day and write at night. And two: there’s a lot of your competitors trying to get their eyeballs at the same time as you.

Since writers are so busy and inundated with information, you’ve got to make it easy for them. The press kit mentioned above has a few mistakes causing it to be easily ignored by writers. In an effort to be fancy, it was tied with a clasp and therefore too hard (slow) for writers to skim through quickly in the press room.

Example: If you visit a press room anytime, you will observe writers going up and down the stacks of press kits scanning them by quickly opening and closing them. This is their time-efficient method of ascertaining whether there is any actual news in the kits before picking them up, since kits are extremely heavy to carry. I’ve actually met many writers with back and hernia problems because of the press kit loads they carry around at trade shows. So therefore, you’ve got to make your kit fast and easy to read as well as news-worthy to assure coverage.

Here are some useful press kit PR tips to assure your kit will be noticed:

Make sure your press kit is scan (i.e. easy to open and close): no clasps, closures, or other obstacles.

Put the most news-worthy releases on top. Don’t hide your news under brochures, old releases, company appointments or other useless information.

Make your booth number easy to find on the press release or in the front of the kit. That way writers will quickly find your booth, increasing the possibility of an interview or demo.

If you follow these easy steps, you will break through trade show press kit noise, get better results, and make it easy for writers to remember your company.



Thomas Public Relations, Inc. is a NY-based PR firm specializing in PR for the computer industry, with award-winning clients such as Olympus, Concord Camera, Soundmatters, iDevices, Velocomp, Ambient Design, Octiv, The Great Kat, DXG, Concord Camera, Digital Foci, OWC, Peleman, Unibind,,, PPC, The Great Kat, Foveon, Magix, SkipJam, SCM Microsystems, Lexar Media,,, Express Digital, ArcSoft, and more. Karen Thomas, President & CEO, Thomas PR is the winner of "Top Tech Communicators" Award 2009 for "Outstanding, Individual Contributions to the Field of Information Technology Public Relations." and more.

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