Party Photos!
Thomas PR Great Gatsby/Roaring 20’s June 2005 Party Photos
“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can, old sport!” – Jay Gatsby, “The Great Gatsby”
(All Photos by Maria Arguello, Bill Achuff, Don Sutherland, Scott McCarty and Karen Thomas)
Thomas PR "Great Gatsby Party" Sign Karen Thomas, Thomas PR "Daisy," Larry Foray, Foray Solutions "Nick," and Sharon Cacciabaudo "Violet, Daisy’s Long-Lost Sister" Karen Thomas with Scott McCarty "Bugsy" and "Violin" Karen Thomas "Daisy" and Matt Maringola "Gatsby" Take the Fateful Ride in the MG
Antoine Jitterbug Dancing to the 20's Band Lead Singer of the Roaring 20's Band Bill Jakab "Tom Buchanan" Cools Down in Pool Robert Anthony "Scoop," Circle Stadium Features Syndicated Column in Thomas PR T-Shirt
Tribute to F. Scott Fitzgerald & Zelda Chris Garvey, Collard & Roe "1920's Country Gentleman" with Karen Thomas "Daisy" Singing "La ci Darem la Mano" from Mozart’s "Don Giovanni" The Great Kat as "Hell's Angels" Jim Bard "Prohibition Cop" Arrests Sharon
Karen Thomas "Daisy" Dances the Charleston Greg Ways, CMS "Undercover Untouchable" Don Sutherland, PTN "Elliot Ness" in White "Gatsby" Hat The Great Kat Reading The Great Gatsby
The Raffle Gifts Ivory Ho "Chorus Girl" in Top Hat Working the Grill Dancing Under the Canopy
Harold Golberg, Radar Magazine "Broadway Agent" with Helen Pfeffer "Ziegfeld Girl," Freelance Writer Alix Paultre, Electronic Products, Signing new CYBERCHILD book with Maria Ivory Gets a Ride from Scott on the new Harley Joe Gravano "Al Capone"
Antoine Williams "The Swing King," PR Week with his friend, Karen "Gibson Girl" Karen Thomas, Scott "Bugsy" and The Great Kat Tease the Crowd Chris Garvey and Maki "Flapper" Greeting the Bus from NYC
Joe "Capone" and Jennifer "Myrtle" Charlie Kaye, "Bogart" CBS Radio and Patricia Lewis "Bacall," CBS Radio Kim "Chorus Line" and Alix in Gatsby Room Handcuffed Prohibitionists do the Charleston Line Dance
Maria "Ginger Rogers" and Bill "Fred Astaire" in 20's Gear Maria Arguello, Main Line Mac Users Group Filming Video Bill Achuff, Mac Design Magazine Matt Maringola "Jay Gatsby" and Jerry Giustra "Cagney"
Mavis Donkor "Fabulous Flapper," IPC with Rose "Chorus Girl" Linda Troeller "Cabaret Flapper," Forbes Magazine and Lothar Troeller "Cabaret Singer" Dolly Nielsen, Silicon Alley Radio "Fashionable Flapper" in the Pool Michelle Miller "Jordan," SCWBEC (Suffolk County Women's Business Enterprise Coalition) in Flapper Outfit
Jim Bard "Gatsby's Boot-legging Business Friend" in Monocle Rick Moonwalks during an 80's Break Murray Slovick "Untouchable," Electronic Products Magazine Paul Trotta "Untouchable" Hand-cuffed to Alexandra Gagliardi, Phun Circle "Chorus Girl" During the "Liquor Raid"
Everyone in the Pool! Karen Thomas Giving out Magix Software During Raffle Larry "Nick" Reads to Debbie "Jordan" Scott "Don't Call Me Bugsy"
Scott as Hell's Angel Seana Magee "Flapper," Kyodo News Relaxes on Float Sharon "Violet, Daisy’s Long-Lost Sister" Waits for "Tom" in Gatsby Room Sharon Wins Concord Camera in Raffle
Patricia "Bacall" on Dinosaur Dual Diving in Pool Susann Gude "Gibson Girl," Photographer and SCWEBEC Member All Points Bulletin:  Extra! Extra!  The Dangerous "Jitterbug Gang" is Loose. Barry Loberfeld, Karen Thomas, Larry Foray, & Sharon Cacciabando
Alix with 1920's "Barber Shop Singer" with Handle-bar Mustache Part of the 20's Band Playing up a Storm Vinny Marciante "Vinny" in Pool Russ Vollmer "Gatsby Friend and confidante"
Antoine Williams and Karen Andy Shah and Debbie Karen Thomas & Matt Maringola Saying Goodbye


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