Party Photos!
Thomas PR 80's Party Photos June 2006
(Photos by Karen Thomas, Harris Fogel and Bob Shevlin)
Karen Thomas, Thomas PR as Madonna 1980's Museum: Rubik's Cube, Jelly Shoes, Walkman, Commodore and Apple II Computers, Pacman, Reagan's Jelly Beans, Cabbage Patch Doll, Cellphone, & Tylenol Scare Beth Lasch, F Sharp TV as Flash Dance Girl Bob Anthony, Stadium Circle Features/Bloomberg Markets Magazine
Seana Magee, Kyodo News America with friends dress in Flash Dance style Charlie Kaye, CBS News Radio Chuck Klein in Hot Tub Al Messina with Debbie
Dolly Nielsen, Silicon Alley Radio with Jim Donna Yorio as Cindy Lauper Leg Warmers The Great Kat is Interviewed on the Spot by Harris Fogel, Mac Edition Radio
Chris Garvey George Reisine as Ric O'Casek Bob Shevlin as Computer Nerd Russ Vollmer, Vollmer Adair and Larry Foray as Preppies
Madonna Madonna and Indiana Jones Madonna Surprised Mel Mandell, World Trade
Michelle Miller, SCWEBC and Jerry Giustra as Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds Mike as Hawkeye Pierce from MASH Larry Foray as Walkman & Izod-wearing Preppy Scott McCarty, Combat Robot Magazine as Kiss Band Member
Larry and Bill Jakab Scuba Diving Terry in MASH fatigues with Mike Hoffman Harris Fogel, Mac Edition Radio as Tom Selleck in Magnum PI Geo, Scott and Bobby as Heavy Metal Heads
John as Indiana Jones Alex Lubarsky, Health Media with Karen Thomas Lorraine as Joan Jett Sharon McCormick as Super Girl


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