Party Photos!
CTIA 2009 Las Vegas Party Photos
Karen Thomas, Thomas PR with Phil Wolff, Skype Journal at the Skype Party at the Bellagio Karen Thomas, Thomas with Cirque Du Soleil Cast Member at Showstoppers Michelle Sklar, at the Renaissance Karen Thomas, Thomas PR Playing Pool on the Ice Pool Table at the Skype Party
Karen Thomas, Thomas PR with Robert Friedlander, Phluant at the Fiercewireless Party at Caesar’s Pure Club Shlomi Gian, Keynote at the Firecewireless Party on the Rooftop of Pure Tony Sklar and Samantha Fryer, at the Firewireless Party at Pure Andy & Linda Seybold at Showstoppers at the Renaissance
Dan Cassinelli, PPC is Interviewed by Dave Graveline, Graveline Radio Dan Cassinelli, PPC Interview with John Iasiuolo, Computer Outlook Radio Dan Cassinelli, PPC with Katlean de Monchy, Nextpert News at the PPC booth at Showstoppers Dan Cassinelli and John Mezzalingua from PPC
Dan Cassinelli, PPC Interview with Jini Shim, TV at the Renaissance George Ou, at Showstoppers Harry McCracken, PC World with Susan Schreiner, C4 Trends at Showstoppers Heather Shyne, PPC Interview with Michelle Sklar, TV Show
Matt Read & Hans Fuller, PPC at Showstoppers


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