Party Photos!
All-Star Band Plays at Cirque du Mac Party at Broadway Studios Ė Bob Levitus on Guitar (right) Andrew Shalat, Shalat Design at Cirque du Mac Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times at Twit.TV Party at Intercontinental Barbara Lietzow, Ambient Design Demos ArtRage at the W Hotel
Bill Palmer, Beatweek Magazine and Guy Serle, at Cirque du Mac Daniel Brusilovsky Checks out RingO at Vogelís Booth Danny Hewlett, at ArtRage Suite Felix Solomon, Magazine at ArtRage Suite
Gerdi Vogels & Albert Zeeman, Vogelís at Macworld Booth Hendrik Nagel at Vogelís Booth Demoing RingO John Orishyn, Presentations at ArtRage Suite John Braun, Mac Observer at Cirque du Mac
Harris Fogel, Mac Edition Radio at ArtRage Suite Karen Thomas, Thomas PR & Leo Laporte at Party Karen Thomas, Thomas PR & Sinbad the Comedian at Cirque du Mac Party Karen Thomas, Thomas PR, Nolan Apostle, & Will Low, Willow Factor at Party at Marriott
Leander Kahney & Tracy Kahney, at ArtRage Suite Nic Vargus & Michael Bowman, Mac/Life Magazine at ArtRage Suite Michael Flaminio, Ben Raviv, Alphyn Industries at Alphyn Party at the Thirsty Bear
ArtRage Suite Press Demos at the W


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