Thomas PR Wins 5 Star Rating *****
Positive Image News, Feb. 2004
Thomas Public Relations Awarded 5 Stars in Positive Image News
Thomas Public Relations

Thomas Public Relations is the first PR firm to gain a formal endorsement by Positive Image News.  With a track record that can't be beat, this PR firm is a sure thing!

by James GW Fisher - PIN Editor

Before get to the reasoning for our choosing to do a formal endorsement of this PR firm, let me first lay the foundation for you to understand our reasoning in our judgment.

A consistent problem with PR firms today is that many of the representatives for PR firms simply have no tact.  It seems that many of the staff take a one-sided view of the situation, often times throwing the balance of the vendor|press into a spiraling crash.  I have personally gone head to head a few times over the years with a few PR reps who defined the word "rude" so perfectly.  

A PR firm is a mediator between the press, consumers, and the vendor.  If a rep causes a bad feeling with a journalist, the journalist in turn now has a jaded view in his evaluation of the product due to the disrespect shown. On many occasions, the journalist may not even write the story.   The end result...No story, no customers, no more PR contract. 

Rising To The Challenge

The poor image established by some of the inexperienced and a few of the more "seasoned" PR representatives did not thwart the labors of Karen Thomas, President and CEO of Thomas Public Relations.  Instead, it caused her to be "rising to the challenge" to help her present customers and potential clients of the future to see that quality public relations services are not a thing of the past.   There are still a select few who still hold true to maintaining the balance between the vendors and press. 

Ms. Thomas has over 15 years of experience in public relations for digital imaging, consumer electronics, Macintosh, Linux, software and hardware companies.  As President of Thomas PR, she has represented Olympus America for over 6 years.  A very important point to many is the fact that Ms. Thomas spearheaded the success of Olympus America’s digital line, which brought Olympus to #2 in world-wide sales with over 500 industry awards and 6,000 articles and TV/radio placements!

It's Not What You Know...It's Who You Know......NOT!!

The old saying "It's not what you know, but rather WHO you know" may hold true for most people, but Ms. Thomas is definitely NOT most people.  She is a pacesetter like no other.   Thomas PR clients presently include Concord Cameras Corp., Magix Computer Product International Corp., Octive, PhotoPlus Expo (held at the Javits in NY), DigitalCustom in San Francisco, Wasabi Systems in NY, Merlin in Vancouver, VNU Expositions in Washington DC, and TechMelt in NY, among others.  Incorporated in 1993, Thomas PR is the recommended PR agency for the Apple Developer’s Connection (ADC).

Karen Thomas is on the board of ListNet TechMelt 2002 and Long Island Association’s Small Business and Tourism Council, as well as a member of the Public Relations Society of America, Photo Marketing Association, Software Publishers Association, Public Relations Professionals of Long Island, and New York New Media Association.

The Answer Is Clear

There is no question as to why we have chosen to formally endorse Thomas Public Relations. Of all of the PR firms we have dealt with to date, Thomas PR has been the most innovative in effort as well as the most consistent in growth and potential.  There are plenty of other "big names" out there to use but why pay big dollars for a big name when you can get the same or better results from a smaller company for less money.  Do the math. I strongly recommend you visit http://www.thomas-pr.com to find out for yourself, just why we highly recommend this service.


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