AXS FEATURES THE GREAT KAT! "The Great Kat unleashes her version of Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody #2"!
The Great Kat unleashes her version of Liszt’s 'Hungarian Rhapsody #2'
By: Melanie Falina Sep 1, 2016

Thomas PR

Just when you thought she couldn't go any faster, she goes faster still. Just when you thought she couldn't get more bombastic, she proves you wrong and dazzles you in a hurricane swirl of notes and chops that are mind boggling. She is The Great Kat, and she's at it again, this time with a 'male hunk band' and the genius of Liszt at the ready.

A classically trained violinist and Juilliard School graduate, The Great Kat brought her classical training to heavy metal, and has since delighted music and guitar lovers alike with her sizzling and blazingly nimble renditions of many of the great and well-loved pieces of classical music history. And her newest endeavor is Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2 and even lovers of this traditional song will never hear it the same way again. The piece will be featured on a forthcoming DVD, but in the meantime you can catch The Great Kat's video for Hungarian Rhapsody #2 on iTunes, Amazon, and Apple Music. The mesmerizing new video features the rapid speed action that The Great Kat is legendary for, twin Kats, her all-male stud back-up band, Vlad the Vampire, a gypsy bacchanal, and more - you have to see it - and hear it - to believe it.

Stay tuned to AXS for more news and information on The Great Kat's forthcoming DVD as it becomes available.







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