“Beethoven Shreds” CD Music Clips at: http://www.greatkat.com/beethovenshreds/beethovenshreds.html
“Beethoven Shreds” CD cover:  http://www.greatkat.com/beethovenshredscd.jpg 
New CD is a Speed Thrill Unchallenged in the Music Industry

The Great Kat http://www.greatkat.com, the world’s fastest guitarist, unleashes today the ultimate Shred Guitar CD -- “Beethoven Shreds.”  Displaying the world’s fastest Shred Guitar music, the new CD “Beethoven Shreds” features The Great Kat’s electrifying “The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee” on guitar and violin with dazzling insane speeds of 300 BPM and Beethoven’s “5th Symphony” on guitar/violin with the world’s most famous 4 notes composed by history’s first metalhead – Ludwig van Beethoven!

The Great Kat Guitar Goddess is the female Classical violin virtuoso rebel from Juilliard turned metal guitar fiend, named “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” by Guitar One Magazine, who has toured with her all-male shred band and featured on TV shows and magazines around the world. Featuring songs from the highly-acclaimed “Beethoven’s Guitar Shred” DVD, “Beethoven Shreds,” CD blends Metal Music in The Great Kat’s original songs: “Torture Techniques” and “IslamoFascists” with Classical Music: Bach’s “Brandenburg Concerto #3” played on 6 guitars and the super-fast Paganini’s music from the devil “Caprice #24”– a notoriously impossible-to-play violin piece, shredded on both guitar and violin by The Great Kat, aka High Priestess Of Guitar Shred.

“Beethoven Shreds” CD is now available on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beethoven-shreds/id453271734 and through Amazon.com (Amazon U.S., Germany, Japan, Canada, U.K., France), Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, CDUniverse, Tower.com, HMV, major retailers and online stores, and http://www.greatkat.com. Distributed internationally by Music Video Distributors (MVD), “Beethoven Shreds” CD is priced at $7.95 SRP.

Press Quotes:
“Kat forces these melodies through a black hole and back out again through in a white-hot stream of incredibly fine sound particles that ascend and descend so quickly and accurately that one could debate whether the interpretations are a performance or a weapon. For those who have thus far enjoyed the carnival ride of Beethoven Shreds should have no problem putting Kat's statue alongside the greats.” - Houston Press
“This is definitely my favorite classical speed metal record of the year.” - IGN
“Great Kat, ‘Beethoven Shreds’: The fleet-fingered British guitarist takes on a variety of classical pieces, including Beethoven’s Fifth symphony, a couple of Bach pieces and ‘The Flight of the Bumble-Bee.’”
“The Great Kat performs furious, magnificent shreds of Beethoven's classics on both the violin and the electric guitar (often with orchestra & band) in this exciting masterpiece, encouraging all generations of music lovers to experience Beethoven in a whole new way. Highly recommended!" - The Midwest Book Review

For Review Copies of “Beethoven Shreds” CD or to schedule The Great Kat and band to play “The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee” on your show, contact: Karen Thomas, Thomas PR. kthomas@thomas-pr.com 631-549-7578.

“Beethoven Shreds” CD Music Clips at: http://www.greatkat.com/beethovenshreds/beethovenshreds.html
“Beethoven Shreds” CD cover http://www.greatkat.com/beethovenshredscd.jpg 
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