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Hip Way to Protect & Keep Your iPhone 5 in Easy Reach –
Available in Pink, White & Black
Don’t Worry About Dropping Your Delicate iPhone 5
Absorbs Shock – Sleek Design Doesn’t Detract from iPhone 5’s Visual Appeal


Dallas, TX, November 26, 2012 – iHangy® www.ihangy.com, the maker of popular Apple®-compatible protective cases and accessories, announced today the iHangy “Slip in 5 Case™” line of protective and fashionable cases, keychains, and secure necklaces, designed specifically to protect and carry the iPhone® 5 for quick hands-free accessibility.  Available in pink, white and black, the “Slip in 5 Case” line protects the whole body of the more delicate iPhone 5 (which is thinner and easier to drop than previous versions of the iPhone), protecting your iPhone 5 investment from scratches, cracks and impacts.  The “Slip in 5 Case” line provides rubber-coated hard plastic in the exterior and soft cushioning silicone in the interior, keeping the iPhone handy for texting, phone calls, apps, games, music and Internet use. 

Three iHangy “Slip in 5 Case” Products:

·        Keychain:  iHangy “Slip in 5 Case + Keychain”:

For go-anywhere versatility, the Slip in 5 Case + Keychain secures your valuable iPhone 5 to your belt loop, bag strap or backpack.  The carabiner clip (similar to the ones used while mountain climbing) attaches to your Slip in 5 Case at one end and forms a strong connection to your clothing or accessories at the other.  Available in black, white and pink priced at $29.99. 

·        NecklaceiHangy “Slip in 5 Case + Necklace”:

Function meets fashion with the Slip in 5 Case + Necklace.  Simply attach the necklace to your favorite colored Slip in 5 Case and then slip it around your neck. While making a contemporary style statement, you’ll know exactly where your expensive iPhone 5 is at all times.   Available in pink, white, and black, priced at $29.99. 

·        Music Necklace:  iHangy “Slip in 5 Case + Music Necklace”:

For the ultimate music listening experience, the Slip in 5 Case + Music Necklace is the all-in-one iPhone 5 solution.  It secures your iPhone around your neck and makes a hip fashion statement.  The included earbuds match the “Slip in 5 Case” color, or you can buy more than one in a contrasting hue for playful mix-and-match versatility.  Available in black and white, priced at:  $34.99. 

The iHangy Slip in 5 line is available immediately from www.ihangy.com, Amazon.com, and Bed Bath and Beyond.  For more information, see www.ihangy.com.  

About iHangy 

Based in Dallas, Texas, iHangy® is a brand name of the OnTrion® Battery Company, a successful manufacturer and distributor of cell phone batteries, serving the industry for over 9 years.  For more information, see www.ihangy.com or www.ontrion.com.







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