GameSir G3s GamepadGAMESIR: G3s Gamepad - Portable Game Controller:
On Black Friday: Friday, November 25th,
the GameSir G3S Gamepad multi-platform portable game controller for Android, Windows, iOS, & PS3 will be priced at:
$14 off at $25.99 (Originally $39.99) 
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Kidz Gear Bluetooth Headphones - Box PinkKIDZ GEAR: Headphones for Kids
From Fri, November 25- Monday, November 28th:
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NewerTech Logo NEWERTECH: Mac/Smartphone/Tablet Accessories Starting Wednesday, November 23 at 7 PM EST, Free Shipping in the USA for $49 & up and discounted international shipping from about $5.00! Hundreds of great specials, including:

HUGE SELECTION of GENUINE Apple Beats EarPhones:
OWC Specials $49-$119 (normally $99-$299.99)
**There are lots of fake Beats out there, these are the real deal**
Power2U USB outlet:
From $9.99 (normally $29.95-$39.95 MSRP) and Bonus Mix and Match: buy 10, get 1 Free!
Apple Wireless Keyboard:
$25 (normally $69 MSRP)
OWC USB C Dock: the best dock today for charging and adding ports to Apple’s popular MacBook 12”, new MacBook Pros, as well as Chromebooks, HP & Dell models featuring USB-C
$139 (normally $179.99 MSRP)
OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock: the best dock for Apple Macs with Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2, the only dock of its kind with FireWire 800 in addition to 11 other expansion ports
$199 (normally $279 MSRP)
G-Technology 1.0TB FireWire 800+USB 3 Portable Drive:
$75 (normally $149 MSRP)
G-Technology 500GB FireWire 800+USB 3 Portable Drive:
$49 (normally $79 MSRP)
NewerTech USB 3 to Gigabit 1000/100/10BT Ethernet Adapter:
$9.99 (normally $29.99 MSRP)
RCA 1.5M (4ft) MFi Certified Lightning Cable (White):
$2.95 (normally $19.95 MSRP)
Acoustic Research 1M / 3ft MFI Certified Lightning Cable - choice of Blue, White, Black, or Purple / mix and match:
$2.95 (normally $19.95 MSRP) + Buy 5 and get 1 Free!
Great Selection of NewerTech NuGuard KX Cases for Apple iPhones & iPads with the following featured:
Choice of colors for iPhone 4/4S only $4.99 (normally $49.99 MSRP)
Choice of colors for iPhone 5/5S/SE/5C only $9.99 (normally $49.99 MSRP)
Choice of colors for iPhone 6/6S/6+/6S+ from $19.75 (normally $49.99-$59.99 MSRP)
NewerTech Wireless Numeric Keypad:
$29 special bundle (normally $54.95 MSRP) + special bundle offer
OWC 2.0TB Upgrade Kit for PlayStation - Quadruple your storage + boost performance:
$125 (normally $149.99 MSRP)
1.0TB OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6Gb/s SSD 2.5” - Award winning + Audio/Video certified:
$349 (normally MSRP $449.99)
NewerTech Pivot Vesa Desk Mount for Displays & All-In-Ons up to 31lb weight:
$59 (normally $149 MSRP)
OWC Slim Performance Blu-Ray Reader + DVDRW/CDRW plug & Play bus-powered optical drive:
$59 (normally $79.99 MSRP)
OWC Neptune SLC+TLC Performance 2.5” 6Gb/s SSDs:
240GB MSRP $69 (normally $84.99 MSRP) LIMIT 2
480GB MSRP $109 (normally $149.99 MSRP) LIMIT 1
Sabrent 4-Port USB 3 Hub:
$9.99 (normally $22.99 MSRP)
Sonnet Allegro 4-Port USB 3 High-Performance PCIe Card:
$47.50 (normally $59 MSRP) Technologies/USB34PME/
P3 Kill-a-Watt power use measurement device - find out what a device is really using:
$17 (normally $29.99 MSRP) International/P4400/
Toshiba 3.5” High-Capacity HDD 7200RPM with 128MB Cache 3.5” 6Gb/s-3Gbs-1.5Gb/s with 2 Year Warranty:
4.0TB MSRP $119.75 (normally $219.99 MSRP)
5.0TB MSRP $139.75 (normally $234.99 MSRP)
6.0TB MSRP $175 (normally $349.99 MSRP)
Killer Used Mac Specials - all with 90 Day or longer Warranty:
mac mini from $329
iMac from $279
Mac Pro from $249
MacBook Pro from $749
MacBook Air from $529
NEW condition MacBook 12” with 1 year warranty $919 (Normally $1299): Apple MacBook 2015&filter.catidpath=4160&filter.dimension_model_97=MacBook
Buffalo 1TB Thunderbolt/USB3 Portable bus-powered HDD:
$139.75 (normally $269.99 MSRP)
EdiMax Smart Plug with Power Intelligent Meter/Home Power Meter
$27.50 (normally $49.99 MSRP)
More specials will go live here:

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