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·       BURG 12 Smartwatch - black & purple BURG 12 Smartwatch: first smartwatch that’s a phone - now at Walmart.  The “Dick Tracy”-like BURG 12 smartwatch functions as a standalone phone, with the ability to make and receive calls and texts without connecting to a smartphone and also pairs with all iPhones and Android smartphones.  It offers all the basic functions of a smartphone – phone calls, text, music, video, camera, calendar, contact lists, voice recording, etc. -- all in a fashionable, 1.5-inch 240 x 240 resolution, easy to use, scratch and water resistant touchscreen smartwatch.  $199 Release:  Photo: website:

·        NewerTech: Mac/Smartphone/Tablet Accessory Products

·  NewerTech Power2UPower2U AC/USB in-wall charger:  patented AC/USB dual-socket in-wall charging solution eliminates clutter to charge up to 4 devices with 2 integrated USB ports and 2 additional AC plugs for simultaneous powering. $29.99 Brochure: . Photo:
·   NewerTech NuGreen LED Desk LampNuGreen LED Desk Lamp: energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, safe, cool touch flexible lamp features light similar to natural daylight with 50 LEDs for 45,000 hours of use.  Lamp turns on with a gentle fingertip touch and mercury-free bulbs can be recycled.  $54.99 Brochure:  Photo:
·   NewerTech iFolioiFolio iPad leather carrying case:  the ultimate in leather luxury for the protection and transportation of your iPad.  iFolio keeps your iPad safe while making a professional impression with a variety of colors and carrying options with a double stitched leather handle and removable, double-stitched leather shoulder strap. $99-$129 Brochure:  Photo:
·    NewerTech Wireless Aluminum KeypadNewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad:  designed to complement the look and feel of Apple keyboards, features precision machined aluminum housing, white keys, and a bracket that attaches to the Apple keyboard – no tools needed.  The NewerTech Keypad was built to rigorous standards with input from accountants for maximum number crunching workflow excellence. $54.95 Release:  Photo:
·  NewerTech NuGuard KX iPhone Cases      NuGuard KX iPhone Cases: rugged without the bulk -- military drop tested iPhone 5S & 5C cases. iPhone 5s multi-colored cases: $29  iPhone 5C candy colored cases: $49.95: Photo:

·        iStabilizer: Smartphone & Tablet Photo Products 

·      iStabilizer Monopod and Shutter Remote Bundle“Selfie Bundle” Monopod and Shutter Remote: the perfect selfie creator captures photo/video selfies and group shots that fit everyone in.  No more cutting off heads, extreme close-ups, facial distortions, awkward positions, or missing photographer. $59.95 Release:  Photo:
iStabilizer tabArm - Lifestyle PhototabArm first friction articulating arm for tablets:  brings out hands-free creativity in tablets by attaching them in any angle to virtually any surface:  desk, table, tripod, kitchen, car headrest, etc., allowing you a more comfortable viewing angle to use your iPad, iPad mini, or other tablet hands-free. Includes: 11” stainless steel Articulating Arm, tabMount, Clamp, and Hot Shoe Adapter.  $99.95 Release:  Photo:
iStabilizer Flex PhotoFlex smartphone tripod: flexible legs with wrapping capability allow you to secure your smartphone to virtually any surface.  Capture incredible images without the shakes. $29.95 Brochure:  Release:  Photo:  

·     SensoGlove Alone Photo - New Version SensoGlove Wearable Technology - Digital Golf Glove: world’s first digital golf glove, the perfect sports gift to help golfers of all levels improve their game so they can enjoy the game for business or pleasure avoiding embarrassing mistakes on the course.  Made of the highest quality cabretta leather, SensoGlove is easy-to-use with built-in digital sensors that automatically tell you which finger is ruining your golf swing for a consistently accurate, smooth and powerful swing.  $89, Release:  Photo:  Website:


·  Soundmatters Hi-Fi Audio Products: 


·     DASH7 4 colors stackedDASH7:  best travel speaker -- über-flat ¾ inch-high pocket-sized Hi-Fi Bluetooth soundbar speaker system/speakerphone slides into the slimmest purse or pocket for the best-sounding huge wide dynamic range omnidirectional sound in a thin size.  Available in red, black, and white: $199, Release:  Photo:  
·  DASHa PhotofoxL DASHa: slimmest portable HiFi soundbar optimized for the Kindle HDX and Kindle HD.  DASHa is lighter weight and slimmer than the amazing DASH7 at a lower price. $149 Release:  Photo:  

·  KMI K-BoardKMI K-Board – Ultra Portable MIDI USB Keyboard for Music Creation for iPad, Android, & Computers: K-Board is the easiest way to make music with iPads & Android tablets, and Mac, Win or Linux computers.  Ultra portable and unbreakable, the K-Board backlit USB MIDI nano keyboard provides instant music creativity featuring touch-sensitive smart fabric under every key to add effects and expression to music -- perfect gift for musicians.  $99 Brochure:   Photo:  Website:


·     Kidz Gear Deluxe Stereo Headset Headphones with Boom Microphone - Pink   Kidz Gear Deluxe Stereo Headset Headphones with Boom Microphone: ideal children’s headphones for educational use, including reading, foreign language, and phonics lessons.  The flexible boom microphone is lightweight and clearly picks up omnidirectional sound. The headphones feature proprietary KidzControl™ Volume Limit Technology to ensure child-safe listening. Works with smartphones, tablets, and any audio device that supports microphones. $29.99 Brochure:  Photo:  Website:  

·           The Great Kat Shred/Classical Ringtones & Music from the World’s Fastest Guitarist: 

·        iTUNES PREMIERES THE GREAT KAT’S SHREDCLASSICAL RINGTONES – BRING BEETHOVEN, BACH, PAGANINI TO YOUR IPHONE!!Ringtones: impress your friends with unique Shred Metal/Classical music Ringtones for your iPhone from The Great Kat's "Top 10 Fastest Shredders Of All Time" high-speed shred versions of Beethoven’s 5th, The Flight of the Bumble-Bee, Wagner’s The Ride of Valkyries, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Rossini’s William Tell Overture and more on guitar and violin, available on iTunes $1.29/each.  Release:  Photo:

·        KAT "GODDESS SHREDS LIVE IN CHICAGO" SONG SINGLE  PHOTO!New Single:  “Goddess Shreds Live in Chicago” is out now on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play featuring The Great Kat maniacally shredding guitar with her All-Male Backup Band in this hypnotizing song.  $.99-$1.29 Release:  Photo:

·        THE GREAT KAT SHREDS BBC RADIO'S NY STUDIO (Oct. 27, 2014) with RAINER HERSCH IN LONDON! STAY TUNED for THE GREAT KAT INTERVIEW ON BBC RADIO'S "FAST AND FURIOSO" SHOW!BBC Radio's Rainer Hersch "FAST AND FURIOSO" Interview With The Great Kat On The 2 Minute YouTube Generation! Watch Preview Here: Coming to BBC Radio 4, Richard Bannerman, Producer, "Fast And Furioso" Photo:



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